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The Simple and sweet furniture selection of Kang Min Kyung’s residence

韩国歌手姜敏京(Kang Min Kyung)是“大日”和“女演员”组合的成员,她通过自己的 YouTube 视频博客和 Instagram 上的日常生活照片,以及客厅、厨房、梳妆台和露台的照片和视频,披露了自己的部分生活。姜敏敬的住所,也叫汉南山,位于首尔的汉南洞,室内舒适而柔和,很好地反映了歌手的个性。
Kang Min Kyung, South Korean singer of the duo Davichi and actress, has revealed parts of her through her YouTube vlogs and Instagram post of her daily routines, with pictures and videos of her living room, kitchen, dresser and terrace. Kang Min Kyung’s residence, also named Hannam The Hill, is located in Hannam-dong, Seoul, with a comfortable and soft style interior, very well reflecting the singer’s personality.

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