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APEX, a subsidiary of HDG Group, was founded in Beijing in 2000 by Korean designer JJ. Jeong. In 2023, HDG HOME established the Beijing Villa Interior Design Center, which brings together an international design team.

Specializing in interior design for villas, luxury homes, and large flat-level residences, as well as villa exterior design, decoration construction, and the development of standardized villa decoration schemes, HDG HOME leverages years of design experience and international design thinking and technology. From design, soft furnishings, electromechanical systems, landscaping, and construction implementation to smart home comfort systems, HDG HOME provides professional full-service customization for high-net-worth families.

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Modern Style
Modern Chinese style
Nordic Style
Modern European Style
Mediterranean Style
Farmhouse Style
Southeast Asian Style
Art Deco Style
European Classical Style
American style
Neoclassical style
French Style
This style emphasizes on functionalism, advocates on breaking through tradition and creating innovation, attaches importance to functionality and spatial organization, pays attention to the formal beauty of structural composition, keeps the shape simple, and opposes superfluous decoration.
This style combines the essence of traditional culture with modern concepts, expresses the Chinese introverted and simple design style, making the interior space more practical and modern.
Unlike Art Deco style and streamlined style formalisms, which pursues fashion and commercial value, the Nordic style is simple and practical, reflecting respect for tradition, appreciation for natural materials, restraint in form and decoration, and striving for a perfect unity in form and function.
This style absorbs the characteristics of "form and spirit" of the traditional European style, refines and simplifies the cumbersome traditional lines and stripe patterns, abandons the overly complicated patterns and shapes of traditional European style, exquisite line proportions and material colours, and the matching of furniture and soft furnishings are also more modern.
This style is a typical representation of the Western European countries along the Mediterranean Sea. It is rich in Mediterranean cultural customs and regional distinctiveness, and has the characteristics of freedom, boldness and bright colours. Influenced by the region, the application of marine elements in home design gives people a blue and bright sense of comfort, with incomparable architectural features and humanistic connotation.
Returning to nature without elaborate carvings is the core of the Farmhouse style. In the interior design, this style strives to express leisure, comfort and rural life, so that busy urban people can obtain physical and mental release and balance in the idyllic space atmosphere.
With its natural beauty of the tropical rain forest and strong ethnic characteristics, this style is popular all over the world. Combining the characteristics of the Indochina islands and exquisite cultural taste, the home design style presents the characteristics of tranquillity and elegance, unrestrained and refined, and expresses an authentic atmosphere of life.
This style is a soft presentation of mechanical aesthetics, with a Western perspective of oriental charm, a devoted pursuit for mysterious Egypt, and a bold attempt of jazz rhythm, with classic elements spanning the century, such as a large number of straight lines, symmetry and geometric figures, creating a living space with a modern aesthetic and visual impact.
The pursuit of elegance and dignity is the initial impression of the European classical style, exuding artistic and decorative beauty. Applying to the modern living space, the designer aims to balance this decorative sensory vision by integrating modern life elements, and highlighting the comfort of life and the sense of romantic rituals.
Originating from a country that advocates freedom, the American style represents a free and uninhibited lifestyle, without too many artificial decorations and constraints, and inadvertently achieves a casual mood that distinguishes from the European style.
From simple to complex, from whole to part, this style conveys a silent intellectual and elegant temperament, abandoning the overly complex texture and decoration, and simplifies the lines, while still feeling the traces of history and the rich cultural heritage.
The modern French style emphasizes the sense of natural return to the soul in design, by mostly adopting symmetrical layout, open and comfortable spatial structure, and uses French columns and carved lines on the wall in detail processing. The production process is meticulous and elegant, and the French romance and sophistication are vividly expressed in the details.
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