Success comes from the strictness and orderliness of each step
4 major design processes, 49 work details
Happiness in life is the care of the little things
Different spaces are planned according to different functions, and repeated deliberation from a single space to a group space, to solve the practical problems of living life from a rational point of view, and create a comfortable and livable space environment.
Including:Plane planning function, circulation planning, family housekeeper/service personnel circulation, structural renovation and reinforcement, storage system, feng shui system, exterior façade
Function planning system
Times have changed, and lifestyles have become more diverse. Home is not only a place to live, but also a private place for people to harvest mental happiness.
Including:Audiovisual system, entertainment room, artwork, natural landscape, reading, wine tasting, meditation, fragrance
Mental pleasure system
From the perspective of ergonomics, it is attributed to the original design and craftsmanship, showing a healthier and more comfortable life aesthetics.
Including:Central air conditioning, sleep, lighting, bathing, fitness, materials, security
Health and comfort system

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