〝Millimeter-level precision technology〞
Like polishing a work of art, create a home with the heart.Our construction team specially made 20 300mm models with fixed details in the early stage of construction to control the construction error within 1mm at the interface of different materials and different processes, so as to ensure the maximum close to the ideal process. Not all construction teams have the ability to control this measure!
“Real scene preview BIM system”
Let what you see be what you get! Based on intelligent and intuitive BIM system, through digital management, from rendering, construction drawings, calculation and quotation, intelligent wiring... Visualize your future home online. With 22 years of construction experience and digital management, effectively reduce construction errors in the later stage. (UE4 Phantom engine dynamic diagram + public equipment experience diagram)
“Strict and careful Korean construction management”
With 22 years of experience in construction management inland and abroad, HDG Group is well-known in the field of decoration. From Khalifa Tower, the tallest building in the world, to many 5-star hotels and high-end residential spaces inland and abroad, with footprints all over Dubai, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia, India, China... Rigorousness, carefulness and dedication have long been the labels of Korean construction. Gathering several Korean project managers who strive for perfection and outstanding engineers, with rich overseas construction experience, personally controlling every construction segment, building first-class residences and provide excellent services.
“Exclusive Korean Technology”
In the development of modern home space decoration, many technologies in South Korea come out on top in the field of home decoration. From the ancient Korean Ondol to the third-generation floor heating electric heating film, Korean floor heating has become a unique beacon in the world's heating history with its long history and continuous innovation and research spirit. First, lay the thermal insulation film on the floor, and secondly lay the cutting-edge material developed by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) to protect the polyurethane module with a thickness of 56mm without bonding. The floor heating net, silicon crystal net, floor heating bean stone, and three-layer thermal insulation material measures ensure good heat conduction and high thermal efficiency, which is more in line with the needs of the human body for temperature gradient distribution. In addition to floor heating technology, large-scale wallpapers made of bark and chemically synthesized pulp are environmentally friendly and natural, and effectively reduce wallpaper seams.
A good life does not add "aldehyde"
Without health, luxury is meaningless. To prevent decoration pollution, we might as well eradicate it from the source! In the construction process, whether internal structure or exterior decoration, we adhere to the concept of "zero formaldehyde" and strictly follow the highest health standards issued by the World Health Organization. The cost is higher and the process more difficult, but it is all worthwhile. (Product picture) E0 grade environmental protection board| formaldehyde emission ≤0.5mg/L imported wood wax oil| One-time treatment, creating a odourless and formaldehyde-free environment . US FDA certified harmless woodworking glue | non-toxic and environmentally friendly Imported loess wood floor glue | Zero formaldehyde antibacterial and anti-mildew
“Advanced Tools for Superior Precision”
We believe that "the ultimate goal of using advanced tools is not to deliberately pursue the latest trend, but to use advanced measurement equipment and practical tools to reduce the error of 1 mm and achieve precision construction standards." During the construction, 7 types of 35 kinds of measurement equipment and 16 kinds of inspection tools were used successfully, from conceptual design to construction disclosure, achieving high efficiency and quality.
“Zero-Waste Concept Ecological Civilization Construction”
Site is the second language of quality. In line with the principle of "using up materials after construction and clearing the site" it is strictly forbidden for workers to defecate on site. Temporary protection measures are set up to protect the finished surface of aisle, elevator and door. Mobile trash cans are installed on the construction site to clean up during construction, and scrap materials are cleaned up and recycled in a timely manner. "three-level" safety education for new workers are carried out strictly, while Full time safety officers shall be assigned and the post responsibility system shall be established at all levels.
“Institute of Arts and Crafts”
Located in Hebi City, Henan Province, with a site of 15,000 square meters, a quality technology research base was built by HDG Group. Through high-quality product design, environmentally friendly materials, continuously upgraded exquisite craftsmanship, and professional management training courses, all to create a better life for the future.

HDGHOME has become an unparalleled high-quality decoration brand in the luxury home decoration industry, with enduring Korean craftsmanship and an outstanding international design team . HDGHOME Official Website

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